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                                                                      OF DIRECTORS

                                                                   ELECTED OFFICERS
                                                                   Sheldon G. Gross, MD, President
                                                                   Gerald Q. Greenfield Jr., MD, PA, Vice President
                                                                   Adam V. Ratner, MD, President-elect
                                                                   Leah H. Jacobson, Immediate Past President
                                                                   Kristi G. Clark, Secretary
                                                                   John Robert Holcomb, MD, Treasurer

                                                                   Rajaram Bala, MD, Member
                                                                   Jenny Shepherd, BCMS Alliance President
                                                                   Josie Ann Cigarroa, MD, Member
                                                                   Kristi G. Clark, MD, Member
                                                                   George F. "Rick" Evans Jr., General Counsel
                                                                   Vincent Paul Fonseca, MD, Member
                                                                   Michael Joseph Guirl, MD, Member
                                                                   John W. Hinchey, MD, Member
                                                                   Gerardo Ortega, MD, Member
                                                                   Robyn Phillips-Madson, DO, MPH, Medical School Representative
                                                                   Manuel Quinones, MD, Member
                                                                   Ronald Rodriguez, MD, Medical School Representative
                                                                   Carlos Alberto Rosende, MD, Medical School Representative
                                                                   David M. Siegel, MD, JD, Member
                                                                   Bernard T. Swift, Jr., DO, MPH, Member

                                                                   BCMS SENIOR STAFF
                                                                   Stephen C. Fitzer, CEO/Executive Director
                                                                   Melody Newsom, Chief Operating Officer
                                                                   Alice Sutton, Controller
                                                                   Mike W. Thomas, Director of Communications
                                                                   August Trevino, Development Director
                                                                   Mary Nava, Chief Government Affairs Officer
                                                                   Phil Hornbeak, Auto Program Director
                                                                   Mary Jo Quinn, BCVI Director
                                                                   Brissa Vela, Membership Director
                                                                   Al Ortiz, IT Director

                                                                   PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE
                                                                   Kenneth C.Y. Yu, MD, Chair
                                                                   Kristi Kosub, MD, Vice Chair
                                                                   Pavela Bambekova, Medical Student
                                                                   Darren Donahue, Medical Student
                                                                   Carmen Garza, MD, Community Member
                                                                   Leah Jacobson, MD, Member
                                                                   Fred H. Olin, MD, Member
                                                                   Jaime Pankowsky, MD, Member
                                                                   Alan Preston, Community Member
                                                                   Rajam S. Ramamurthy, MD, Member
                                                                   Adam Ratner, MD, Member
                                                                   David Schulz, Community Member
                                                                   Austin Sweat, Medical Student
                                                                   J.J. Waller Jr., MD, Member
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