BCMS Alliance is one of our medical society’s strengths

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to discuss the importance of a group of individuals who are seldom mentioned. These are individuals who donate their time, have a great deal of creativity and dedication, and work hard to support physicians and improve healthcare in our city and our country. I am referring to the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance.

Sheldon G. Gross, MD
2018 BCMS President

My first exposure to alliance members was related to TEXPAC. I met several individuals who were representing the alliance at our TEXPAC board meetings. These were some of the smartest, sophisticated, and insightful individuals on the entire board. TEXPAC eventually decided to award a single outstanding alliance member with an honor and recognition by the entire organization. This honor was named after a San Antonio Alliance member, Ms. June Bratcher. I quickly came to learn that alliance members are very bright individuals who want to help in any way they can. When one thinks of the Medical Society Alliance, there is a social component to it. It is an organization that enables people to meet other physician spouses and develop new friendships. However, it is much more than that.

The alliance is constantly trying to develop new programs to improve public health in San Antonio. Whether it involves providing helmets for children to wear while riding bicycles or trips to Austin to lobby our state representatives and state senators, they play an invaluable role. As President of Bexar County Medical Society, I know that I can depend on the Medical Society Alliance should we ever need help on any of our projects or programs.

As President of Bexar County Medical Society, I want to encourage all member physicians to speak with your spouses and encourage them to learn about the alliance and hopefully become active at some level. If one hears of a program sponsored by the alliance, I encourage all physicians to support it. There have been several members of our state legislature that have been alliance members from different parts of our state. I am hopeful that at some point we will have an alliance member from San Antonio as a state senator or state representative. One of the characteristics of a healthy organization is that it recognizes its strengths. Bexar County Medical Society has a tremendous strength in the form of our alliance membership.

In addition to supporting our alliance, I would again like to remind our membership that the Texas Medical Association meets in San Antonio on May 18th and 19th. The TMA Foundation will have its annual gala that Friday evening. As the host city, I would hope that many San Antonio physicians will attend. This money goes directly to the foundation where it serves a number of outstanding causes. I hope to see many of you there.


Sheldon Gross, MD

Sheldon G. Gross, MD, is the 2018 president of the Bexar County Medical Society.

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