Medical Legal

The Medical Legal Liaison Committee is a joint committee of the San Antonio Bar Association and the Bexar County Medical Society. Comprised of attorneys and physicians, the Committee will focus on issues common to law and medicine and further deal with potential or real conflicts between members of the two organizations comprising the Committee. Committee members shall be comprised of physicians and attorneys who have an interest in medical legal affairs. The education, training, and experience of its members will enable the Committee to promote cooperation between the component societies and provide advice and assistance on common issues that may affect their members. Through its resources, the Committee may make recommendations to their respective societies in order to educate and assist healthcare and legal professionals.

Purpose: To promote mutual respect, understanding and cooperation between the medical and legal professions.

  • Meets to promote better understanding between the medical and legal professions
  • Develops an interprofessional code of ethics
  • Reconciles differences between the professions when they arise
  • Promotes cooperation between the professions through discussions, conversations, debate, and written proposals

The Chair is appointed by the President. All other members of the committee are selected based upon interest, time, and commitment. Meets at a local restaurant (Dutch treat) on the fourth Thursday, quarterly, beginning in January. The required attendance commitment for committee participation is 50%. Volunteers are asked to commit to the attendance (participation) requirement of a minimum of two meetings of this committee during the year.

Meeting Dates: Fourth Thursday each quarter at 6 p.m. (Subject to change Contact Staff Liaison for next meeting date.)

Contact information:
Dr. Ticknor, Chair

Staff liaison:
Phil Hornbeak
(210) 301-4376

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